Promoting SFPA and Speculative Poetry

Distribute SFPA Fliers
Will you be attending a convention, signing, or poetry reading? Does your local bookstore offer a place to post or distribute advertising fliers? Consider printing and distributing these SFPA promotional flyers:

Check the SpecPo blog for events, news and other useful posts!

Press Release for Use by Rhysling Nominees
Sample Rhysling Release created by Robin Mayhall contains a News Release Template, Customizing and Submitting Your Own Rhysling Press Release, Press Release Formatting, Tips on Submitting to the Media .doc

Ideas for local and Internet promotion of SFPA and genre poetry*

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*If you have ideas for promoting SFPA that you would like to contribute to this page, please contact the current SFPA president (see the Officers page for contact information) or the webmaster.

With grateful acknowledgments to Mike Allen, Joshua Gage, Robin Mayhall, Tim Mullins, Karen A. Romanko and Gene van Troyer for their assistance in creating these promotional materials.

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