The Rhysling Awards
Call for Eligible Poems and Nominations
Nominations open January 1; Deadline: FEBRUARY 15

Space is provided (current members only) for portfolios of member Rhysling-eligible poems on the SFPA website. Send .rtf or .doc files only, to Page link will be sent to all SFPA members.

Rhysling Nomination Rules and Procedures:
Please read carefully. Nominations that do not meet these criteria cannot be accepted. Questions? E-mail the Rhysling Chairs at

Only current members of SFPA may nominate; however, the author of the nominated poem need not be an SFPA member.
  1. Only speculative poems first published in the preceding calendar year are eligible.
  2. You may not nominate your own poem.
  3. You may nominate one short poem (1-49 lines) and/or one long poem (50+ lines). Nomination in both categories is not mandatory. For our purposes, prose poems under 500 words will be classified as short poems, while those 500 words and over will be classified as long poems. Please note: spaces, stanza breaks, titles, true (non-fictitious) epigraphs, and the poet’s name are not included in the line or word count. Sections of longer published poems are ineligible for awards.If you are unsure about the eligibility or category of a poem, please e-mail
  4. Self-published work is allowed as long as the poem first appeared in the previous calendar year.
    Full publication details must be provided.
    Include the title of the poem; the poet’s name as it appears (and the poet’s full name, if known); and publication information for the source in which the poem appeared:
    • Book: title, press name and address or website, year of publication, and editor if an anthology.
    • Periodical: name, issue, and editorial address or website; and (if possible) a link to the issue table of contents or the poem’s web page.
    • Website or blog: date of first publication and link to the poem’s web page.
    Please DO NOT include the poem itself! We will obtain the poem text directly from the poet to avoid errors.

Making the Nomination:
Online form:

NB: The SFPA Executive Committee has decided to no longer allow members to change their Rhysling nominations, once made. Because nominations must be confirmed with the poet, and candidates are posted publicly, we do not want to be in the position of having to subsequently withdraw candidacy for a selected poet … especially after nominators who might have selected that poem have opted for another. Nominators will only be allowed to change their nomination if a chosen poem is deemed ineligible by the Chair, or (if time allows for notification) if a chosen poem has already been nominated. This does not apply to those who nominate only a short or long poem and then nominate in the other category at a later date. Please check the Candidates page for poems already nominated.


To learn more about the Rhysling Awards and the Rhysling Anthology, please go to the main Rhysling Award page. To view the contents of all the Rhysling Anthologies since 1978, visit the Rhysling archive

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