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The 1979 Rhysling Anthology and Awards

The 1979 Rhysling Awards

Short Poem Category

Winners (tie)

  • Fatalities by Duane Ackerson
  • Story Books and Treasure Maps by Steve Eng
  • Long Poem Category


  • For the Lady of a Physicist by Michael Bishop

  • The Rhysling Awards 1979

    The 1979 Rhysling Anthology             SFPA Secretary and Factotum: Suzette Haden Elgin
                Cover art: Suzette Haden Elgin
                Published in Star*Line, July 1979

    Rhysling Award nominees published in 1978

          Awards Key
                First Place winner
                More than one poem with the same color code within a category indicates a tie.


  • Duane Ackerson Fatalities The Eggplant and Other Absurdities, Confluence Press, 1978
  • Kathryn Rantala Harmoniums 1978
  • Russell Edson Monkey Dinner 1978
  • Edward Bryant Winslow Crater 1978
  • Robert Frazier I, flightless Peregrine 1978
  • Steve Eng (writing as John Bredon) Story Books and Treasure Maps 1978


  • Michael Carlson Deep Space Anthology 1978
  • Michael Bishop For the Lady of a Physicist Black Holes, Fawcett Books, 1979
  • Adam Hammer Sailing Away 1978
  • Robert Frazier Trilogy from the Space Nomad Cycle: A Peregrine Fantasy 1978
  • Jack Anderson The Lost Space Ship 1978

    Short poem nominee not included in the anthology:
  • Neal Wilgus Seriality Nyctalops, March 1978

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