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The 1981 Rhysling Anthology and Awards

The 1981 Rhysling Awards

Short Poem Category


  • Meeting Place by Ken Duffin
  • Long Poem Category


  • On Science Fiction by Thomas M. Disch

  • The Rhysling Awards 1981

    The 1981 Rhysling Anthology             Cover Art: Karen G. Jollie
                Editor: Robert Frazier
                Published in Star*Line, Vol. 4 Issue 4, July/Aug. 1981

    Rhysling Award nominees published in 1980

          Awards Key
                First Place winner
                More than one poem with the same color code within a category indicates a tie.


  • Stephen Gresham The Mooneyes of Dog Sunday Amanita Brandy, Issue 1, 1980
  • Steve Rasnic Tem The Landed Gentry Space & Time, Issue 57, 1980
  • Steve Eng Flaming Prose Pandora, Issue 5, 1980
  • Janet Fox untitled Star*Line, Vo. 3 Issue 4, 1980
  • Ken Duffin Meeting Place Asimov's Science Fiction, Nov. 1980
  • Neil Wilgus Endtime Rag Menzia, Nov. 1980
  • Raymond DiZazzo Cookers Uranus, Issue 2, 1980
  • Frederico Lisci Espino, Jr. Bionic Adam International Portland Review, 1980
  • Roger Zelazny I Used to Think in Lines That Were Irregular to the Right When Pussywillows Last in the Catyard Bloomed, Nostrilla Press, 1980
  • Frederick Mayer Dead Eldritch Tales, Issue 7, 1980
  • Vicki Ann Heydron The Sacrifice Wyrd, Issue 8, 1980
  • Peter Dillingham Holovision/20-20 20/20 Vision, 1980
  • F. Gwynplain MacIntyre Improbable Bestiary: The Centaur Asimov's Science Fiction, Nov. 1980


  • Chad Walsh The First Two Men (?) from Outer Space Uranus, Issue 2, 1980
  • Tom Disch On Science Fiction Triquarterly, 1980
  • Gene Van Troyer Gonna Laugh Dem Rollin' Bones The Anthology of Speculative Poetry, 1980
  • Paul Edwin Zimmer The Complaint of Agni Wyrd, Issue 8, 1980
  • Steven E. McDonald On Our Holidays Star*Line, Vol. 3 Issue 2, 1980
  • Suzette Haden Elgin Lines on Looking into the Los Angeles Times Book Review Week after Week Star*Line, Vol. 3 Issue 4, 1980

    Nominees not included in the anthology:
    Ken Seamon The Orbital The Modularist Review, Issue 3, 1980
    Neal Wilgus Balloon to the Center of the Earth Nyctalops, Jan. 1980
    Delores Ele Haunted Valley Worlds Lost/The Forgotten, Issue 2, 1980

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