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The 1984 Rhysling Anthology and Awards

The 1984 Rhysling Awards

Short Poem Category


  • Two Sonnets by Helen Ehrlich
  • Long Poem Category


  • Saul's Death: Two Sestinas by Joe W. Haldeman

  • The Rhysling Anthology
    The Best Science Fiction Poems of 1983

    The 1984 Rhysling Anthology             Covert Art: Karen G. Jollie
                Published by the Science Fiction Poetry Association

    Rhysling Award nominees published in 1983

          Awards Key
                First Place winner
                More than one poem with the same color code within a category indicates a tie.


  • Bruce Boston The FTL Addict Fixes Velocities, Issue 2, 1983
  • Helen Ehrlich Two Sonnets Science 83, May 1983
  • Laura Fargas The Island of Geological Time Science 83, Sept. 1983
  • Ed Orr Accountability Opposum Holler Tarot, Issue 10, 1983
  • David Piercy When Again the Glass Flutes Bloom Aliens and Lovers, Unique Graphics, 1983
  • Ruth Lisa Schechter Recognition of the Tigers Amazing, Nov. 1983


  • Adam Cornford The Outer Limits Velocities, Issue 2, 1983
  • Joe W. Haldeman Saul's Death: Two Sestinas Omni, Feb. 1983
  • Andrew Joron The Webbed Axis Grimoire, Issue 4, 1983
  • Elissa Malcohn Wings Asimov's Science Fiction, Mid-Dec. 1983

    Nominees not included in the anthology:
    Diane Ackerman In a Philosopher's Cottage American Poetry Review, March/April 1983

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