The 2000 Rhysling Anthology and Awards

The 2000 Rhysling Awards

Short Poem Category

First Place
"Grimoire" by Rebecca Marjesdatter

Second Place (tie)
"Clark the Ripper" by David C. Kopaska-Merkel
"The Au Pair from Out There" by Ann K. Schwader
"Brigit" by Peggy J. Taylor

Third Place (tie)
"Silicon Trade Agreement" by Ruth Berman
"The Unfinished Map of the Sky" by G.O. Clark
"A Picture Postcard of the Cerne Abbas Giant" by David Lunde
"The Language of Rain" by Wendy Rathbone
"song of a last duckbill" by W. Gregory Stewart

spacer Long Poem Category

First Place
"Christmas (after we all get time machines)" by Geoffrey A. Landis

Second Place
"Handwork" by Rebecca Marjesdatter

Third Place (tie)
"Salem Town" by Corrine De Winter
"Impressions from Giger’s Necronomicons" by Charlee Jacob

The 2000 Rhysling Anthology:
The Best Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Poetry of 1999

2000 Rhysling Anthology cover spacer

Rhysling Chair: Deborah Shepard
Layout and production: David C. Kopaska-Merkel
Publisher: Stone Lightning Press for the Science Fiction Poetry Association

Out of Print

Short Poems First Published in 1999

Michael A. Arnzen • umbilicle • Frisson, Issue 14, 1999.
Ruth Berman • Silicon Trade Agreement • Ruth Berman • Tales of the Unanticipated, Issue 20. 1999.
Bruce Boston • Another Short Horror Story • Asimov’s Science Fiction, Oct./Nov. 1999.
Bruce Boston • What If the Aliens Have Come? • Handshake 38, 1999.
G. O. Clark • The Unfinished Map of the Sky • Fantasque 2, 1999.
David C. Kopaska-Merkel • Clark the Ripper • Dreams & Nightmares 53, 1999.
David Lunde • A Picture Postcard of the Cerne Abbas Giant • Asimov’s Science Fiction, May 1999.
Rebecca Marjesdatter • Grimoire • Tales of the Unanticipated 20, 1999.
Wendy Rathbone • The Language of Rain • Dreams & Nightmares 54, 1999.
Michelle Scalise & Tom Piccirilli • Badges of Either’s Woe • Edgar: Digested Verse 4, 1999.
Ann K. Schwader • The Au Pair from Out There • Star*Line 22.5, 1999.
W. Gregory Stewart • song of a last duckbill • Star*Line 22.2, 1999.
Peggy J. Taylor • Brigit • Calyx, Summer 1999.
Laurel Winter • When an Alien Is Inhabiting Your Body • Asimov’s Science Fiction, Oct./Nov. 1999.

Long Poems First Published in 1999

Lee Ballentine • Renounce the Emerald Piety • Talisman, 19, 1999.
Corrine De Winter • Salem Town • Gathering Darkness, Oct. 1999.
Charlee Jacob • Impressions from Giger’s NecronomiconsDreams & Nightmares 53, 1999.

Charlee Jacob • The Whole Behold • Star*Line 22.4, 1999.
Geoffrey A. Landis • Christmas (after we all get time machines) • Asimov’s Science Fiction, Dec. 1999.
Rebecca Marjesdatter • Handwork • Women of Other Worlds (University of Western Australia Press, 1999).
Carol D. Page • The VR Screen • Star*Line 22.2, 1999.
Scott Urban • Safeguard • Skull Job (Hatchet Job Press, 1999).
Ian Watson • Ode to My Screen Saver • Weird Tales, Spring 1999.

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