Gilgamesh Tomb Found in Iraq

O, it turns out the sonofabitch and
narcissist is immortal after all . . .

          —Karl Elder, Gilgamesh at the Bellagio

Abuzz with conspiracy theories, a
blurb of truth escapes the internet’s web:
cloned in secret, Gilgamesh’s epic
drama resumes. He returns from the dead.
Expedition led by Germans finds the
fabled city, Uruk. The Persian Gulf
gets invaded one month later, nothing
heard again. Same way the UFO crash
in Roswell spawned one headline. FYI
Jesus is coming—He’s one pissed-off judge.
Know O Prince, King Gilgamesh shall come back
like Arthur, but this returning royal
murders mankind's future with Nephilim,
New World Order orchestrating return
of this demigod to the throne, also
priest, star of oldest known poem, hell’s imp,
Qliphoth’s knight. Doom’s clap sounding from Iraq
resonates thy greatness, Son of Sumer,
son who saw the abyss, crossed the abyss
to defeat death. The U.S. Government
unearthed your remains, found (no Enkidu)
viable alien DNA. Grave
warriors seed Armageddon’s shadow.
X-Files becomes real. We fight a phoenix.
Yea, though I be the only one to pray,
Zeus save us from extinction’s losing buzz.

—Michael Kriesel