Giants in the Earth

“There were giants in the earth in those days—”
Pish, there’ve always been giants around!
It’s just that we tune them out,
pretend that we can’t see them.

I mean, if Paul Bunyan was so big
that he tripped and his hands formed
the Finger Lakes? You know what they
say about big hands and big feet.

If everything’s in proportion,
why, he’d have to bend his wife
over a mountain range to hit her G-spot,
and his morning wood might be a sequoia.

And if he’s got her sunnyside up?
Well, you know how the Grand Tetons
got their name. Where’s her clitoris?
I’m sure he’s asked that, too.

Turns out he found it, but only when
they honeymooned the next planet over,
and screwed among the Mons Veneris—
I hear she gushed lava for a week.

That’s why we do it! Who’d want to see
them going at it? It’s not as if they can
actually get a room; there’s none big enough!
So instead we politely pretend

not to notice what’s going on
as a geyser explodes in front of us,
ignore the shaking of the earth
from the roll and sway of their hips,

and they pretend not to be bothered by
the pictures we take of them in flagrante delicto—
Still we never get everything in frame
at once; so it’s not porn, but art.

Deborah L. Davitt