Friggin’ Aliens

They keep comin’ here
With their unnatural sexes
Disgusting offspring
Stinky food
And take our jobs
Live high on the hog
While honest god-fearin’ humans
Go without.

Right there
Used to be Big Don’s Roadhouse
Just about the best food around
Some hairy things from
Beetlejuice or Centori or some such
Bought the place with their
Wads of glowing foreign money
Turned it into some kind of
Alien eatery
All kind of colored shifting lights
Chimney belchin’
Fumes like to choke a hog
Blighted a row of beautiful old tulip trees.

Them critters
Wobblin’ and oozin’ down the street
Blockin’ the sidewalk
Takin’ the best parking places
And Billy Joe went in there
Two three days ago
Give them a piece of his mind
Ain’t seen him since
But we’re fixin’ to rush the place
Break some wobbly alien heads
Make them pay.

David C. Kopaska-Merkel