Go Bag

We were off at school
when it happened,
and fighting our way back
wasn’t as much fun
as in the movies.

But we got home
and Ella saw the note first,
stuck to the fridge
with blood and Gabe’s
old Elmo magnet.

That’s why we stayed
out of the garage,
and left the second stash
of weapons and the truck
to what was left of her.

We didn’t talk much,
just added what we wanted
to the bags that Ma had
prepped there by the door, and
started towards the lake.

I never asked what
Gabe and Ella grabbed.
I took my favorite fairy tales—
all happily ever after—
and some chocolate.

In the end, no matter what
we face upon the road,
I'll have some of what
I need for s’mores,
and something I can burn.

—Marcie Lynn Tentchoff