and that horse knew what she brought
and she came into the town weeping
those birds heard her wailing from the far belfry
those birds winged into a fog over the town
that was a darker day with hungry clouds
that rain kept our cowls on and our gazes down
yet by my whetted eyes, i saw it walk
yet though a noose had worked its neck, it walked
and the mare fell limp as the corpse went
and the driver leaned back into the hearse
it was mere bone and skin under a gown
its lip-less smile swaying with its jaw
i spoke out to none that might be in its way
i warned not one that wandered onto its way
many fall to pave the path it walks
many shoulders bracing the steps it takes
and that corpse led the walk along my homeward path
and that corpse stopped before my home’s front pane
with its heel towards a grave at my door
with my body there to stay, my soul it to follow
then it led me over the path it had laid
then my eyes wetted at the dying’s stench
crossing the town’s gate, i heard the hells gathering
cross in my heart, might you save me
and the demon cackled walking me into the wood
and the woods cackled with the demon in the wood

—Darius Williams