flight to nowhere

acrylic windows black with night,
no stars outside
(should there be stars?)
(surely there should be stars)
low drone of engines
ride oddly smooth
as though you were gliding
through something
altogether different from air

passengers buckled in seats
wires streaming down cheeks
gazing at screens
the muted fear in their eyes
surely just your imagination

stewards run drink trolleys
down carpeted aisles
smiles tight on their faces
(they have run out of drinks)
(all of their trolleys are bare)

it is better not to:
—remove your belt
—take your eyes from the movie
(it is not a movie)
(it is an icon of a plane
in a sea of darkness)

the seatbelt signs
have been on
for a very long time

do not scream for the captain
(it is not the captain)
(and what would you do)
(if the captain comes)

—Davian Aw