The Fading of Yellow

Studies show that yellow is receding
there is less and less in autumn leaves
when grasses die back in dry heat
they go straight to brown.
Wicker baskets are darkening
while daffodils are bleaching to white.
Children no longer paint the Sun as yellow
but rather pink.

Scientists calculate that natural yellows
will be used up by the year 2025.
It is possible to imagine living
in a world without yellow
but subtle degradations are now
observed in the levels of blue.
By the middle of this century
each day will play out under
the primeval black of space
and all stars will be visible.

Large bodies of water already appear very green.
Glaciers and icebergs are currently shadowed in blue
if they no longer are, will they be so bright
that they cannot be seen with the naked eye?
We need not worry
there will be no ice soon.

—Kim Whysall-Hammond