The Epidemic of Shrink-Ray-Gun Violence Plaguing Our Schools Must End

Their atoms dust the floors
of every school in the country;
those frightened children
we can no longer console.

Their cries have faded
into inaudible wavelengths
inside a quantum world where
hugs and spacetime both cease to exist.

They have dissolved into mere fractions
of their corporeal selves,
their particles swept into dustpans
and mopped into oblivion.

Blame those new blasters inundating the market,
stowed inside scores of scruffy backpacks;
the preferred choice of disgruntled
circuit-heads throughout the nation.

As parents, we stand before you
requesting prompt legislation to end
the rampant wave of shrink-ray-gun violence
endemic to our culture.

We beg you.
Think of the children,
beneath the soles of your shoes.

—Pedro Iniguez