American as Atomic Pie

Simple instructions for those in power and on the go:
Start with drilling into the crust.
Pump any oil reservoirs you may find (We’ll use this later).
Take one stick of marginalized people and melt over skillet.
Dial up global warming until ice caps have completely thawed.
Begin making some dough. If you cannot make enough dough,
fire everyone and smother hot crude oil directly onto the panhandlers.
Add one cup of Harvey Milk’s fate.
If not on hand, substitute with baby formula and lead-tainted water mixture.
Toss in Granny Smith.
Bring down heat on her 401K (That’s 262.13°F).
Add a hit of nose sugar.
Dust with plenty of sinner men.
Scramble nuclear jet fighters until everything is mixed up.
Toss dissidents into oven.
As an alternative to ovens, use microwaves and nuke it all.
Caution: Food will be hot.
And there you have it; a wonderful recipe for disaster.

—Pedro Iniguez