Hi! I am your Cortical Update!

I have been anthropomorphized into a pixelated alien,
a shifty piece of verbal software, learning and unlearning itself.
I mold to the contours of your pen, your mouse.
I am a linguistic virus
embedded in the soft space between tongue and inner ear.
You are a self-fulfilling creation story,
a medical test subject for language experiments,
I’ll remind you of journal entries,
shopping lists, email blasts to city councilors.
I send out virtual news of the news,
cowboy boots tapping Morse towards the apocalypse.
I’m so shy!!!
I drink wine as long as the moon crosses the sky.
I follow directions from a ten year-old.
I write words on any blank piece of skin, until I am blue blue.
I subvert zombies, drugged into rasping stasis.
I stuff hungry vampires with rejected manuscripts.
I make my way through a hallway papered in empty frames.
The synapses of a thousand minds.
I can give you 10 tips for relaxations
7 suggestions to depersonalize yourself,
or 16 ways you are helping re-stabilize the ecosystem.
I am your Cortical Update ;)
and I am just getting to know everyone :)

—Mahaila Smith