Volume 37, Issue 3
Summer 2014

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Wyrms & Wormholes
For a Good Time, Call Speculative Poetry

“In the genre world, we still enjoy poetry, although ‘enjoyment’ is a word you rarely hear in a literary review.”

      —John Philip Johnson

Here at Star*Line’s vast and luxurious editorial office suite, stranded in the middle of a vanished prairie, we strive above all to produce a publication that can be enjoyed. What constitutes a “good time” is up to the individual: as in sex, what one person delights in may seem a bizarre fetish or hideous anomaly to the next, and it is the task of Star*Line, as the representative vehicle for SFPA, to assume a function equivalent to that of a capable sex-industry worker to fill each reader’s need, be it fantasy, science fiction, horror, pure science or surrealism, with equal skill and enthusiasm, so that no issue fails to satisfy, even if only one poem meets a particular reader’s specifications.

It can be difficult to determine what will please a readership. A writer is like an artist painting a scene on a glass bottle—from the inside of that bottle. We know what we want the result to depict, but it is sometimes difficult to tell from the interior, as it were, whether the writing has achieved the desired effect. This is where critique groups, beta readers and, eventually, editors, are invaluable; they can tell the poet what that scene looks like objectively, from the outside. In the end, a satisfying experience with a willing poem is determined by peculiarity of tastes; poems may be interpreted by readers—which include editors—in a manner that the writer or editor never anticipated.

A vibrant poetry community should involve a wide range of poets, editors, and enthusiastic readers, all discussing poems and providing feedback. Fan mail periodically arrives for Star*Line, but complaints are curiously (no, not that kind of curious) absent. We encourage you, our readership, to indicate what displeases you as well as what pleases you in each issue, and why.

Female speculative poets (or those who identify as such in e-mails) are still underrepresented in Star*Line’s slushpile, 2:1. The acceptance ratio is slightly more favorable to women of late, but that fluctuates. The SFPA membership, however, comprises nearly as many women as men. Because Star*Line is an official SFPA publication, open to any speculative poet, it will not institute any policy of favoring a particular gender—although it would be gratifying to receive more submissions from those who happen to be female.

Each poet has a unique vision that can bring pleasure to others in sometimes unexpected ways. It’s a wonderful thing to make that connection with a reader, no matter how different from you they may be.

If two aliens
simultaneously dream of each other,
a wormhole opens

      —Benjamin S. Grossman, “His Dream”
from Space Traveler

To all possible worlds,

—F.J. Bergmann
Star*Line Editor

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Table of Contents


  • Wyrms & Wormholes • F.J. Bergmann
  • President’s Message • David C. Kopaska-Merkel & Bryan D. Dietrich
  • From the Small Press • Denise Dumars, Joshua Gage, John Philip Johnson, Alex Plummer Full reviews
  • Stealth SF: Silver-Purple Legs of Kale • Denise Dumars
  • Xenopoetry • The Revenant ~ Charles Baudelaire, trans. Christopher Hansen


  • On the Plane of Evasive Simulacra ~ Wade German
  • Dark Energized ~ Ann K. Schwader
  • Relocating ~ Fuson
  • Hearts of Space ~ Glenn A. Meisenheimer
  • “stars in the dark …” ~ Dietmar Tauchner
  • Entropic ~ Ann K. Schwader
    “two moons” ~ Fuson
  • “summer meadow” ~ Dietmar Tauchner
  • Astral Personas ~ Dusty Wallace
  • Space Cowboy ~ JD DeHart
  • “light is a dead thing …” ~ Matthew Wilson
  • The Blind Astronaut ~ David Barber
  • Mama Bogey’s Advice … ~ Beth Cato
  • Dictionary ~ Matthew Wilson
  • Sign Me Up As Well, Quickly ~ James S. Dorr
  • scent of a corpuscle ~ Terrie Leigh Relf
  • Let Everything Be Taken As Given ~ Daniel Priest
  • The Stag Beetle ~ Wade German
  • “sought the dragon” ~ Lauren McBride
  • A Close Encounter ~ Daniel Priest
  • “giant” ~ Lauren McBride
  • “let’s take the pills together” ~ Lauren McBride
  • Stucco and Starshine ~ Jason Matthews
  • Night Roads ~ Kendall Evans
  • Fox’s Vow ~ Alina Rios
  • She-Wolf Fashion ~ Robert Borski
  • Coming Forth by Day ~ Wade German
  • Coupling Like Dragonflies ~ Jeffrey Johannes
  • Inside the Bone Whale ~ John W. Sexton
  • Extinction ~ Joshua Gage
  • Exit, Pursued by a Yeti ~ Robert Borski
  • “Sex is tricky …” ~ Matthew Wilson
  • Since December ~ Scott Jacobson
  • My New Gal’s a Boojum ~ David C. Kopaska-Merkel
  • Quieter ~ Dale Wisely
  • “daydreaming” ~ Lauren McBride
  • The Oracle ~ Isaac Black
  • The Outcasts ~ Matthew Wilson
  • Tiny Studies (Particle 14) ~ Kathleen Balma
  • Mom Says Son Should Get a Haircut … ~ David C. Kopaska-Merkel
  • Lawn, Mower ~ Daniel Priest
  • slugfest ~ Anna Sykora
  • Fields We Know ~ David C. Kopaska-Merkel
  • “botany expedition” ~ Lauren McBride
  • The Way to Go ~ J. A. Grier
  • Starship Dreams ~ Glenn A. Meisenheimer
  • First Contact, Captain Cook ~ David Barber
  • My Scanner Is Good ~ Robin Wyatt Dunn
  • My Scanner Is More Than Good ~ Robin Wyatt Dunn
  • History ~ Serena Fusek
  • The Time Traveler’s Buttonhook ~ Beth Cato
  • The Time Traveler’s Pants ~ Beth Cato
  • “building my first clone” ~ Angel Favazza
  • “selling starships” ~ Angel Favazza
  • The Time Traveler’s Gratitude ~ Beth Cato
  • “micro-vampires” ~ Lauren McBride
  • Young Frankenstein ~ Glenn A. Meisenheimer
  • Behind Those Clark Kent Glasses ~ Cathy Douglas
  • The Boatman Observes ~ J. A. Grier
  • Nyx ~ Maureen Evans
  • I feel fine ~ Anna Sykora
  • Dog Star Style ~ Glenn A. Meisenheimer
  • “in a dream …” ~ Angel Favazza
  • Before You Were a Vampire ~ irving
  • Redux ~ Alan Ira Gordon
  • Finale for Robot ~ Anastasia Andersen
  • Advice on Befriending a Siren ~ Beth Cato
  • Bush Meat ~ Robert Borski
  • Breaking a Witch’s Fingers ~ Scott T. Hutchison
  • Reddest ~ Sarah Page
  • “The white stag …” ~ Serena Fusek
  • the custom of the country ~ Lynette Mejía
  • supernovae ~ John Reinhart
  • Love Letter From Matter to Antimatter ~ Joe Nicholas
  • Blues in the Dark ~ David Barber


  • untitled ~ Chris Friend
  • Frog Warrior II ~ Chrystal Berche

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