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  spacer Volume 46: 2023
Star*Line 46.3 cover


Star*Line 46.3: Summer 2023
Cover: Fallen Warrior ~ Guilhem Bedos
© Guilhem Bedos

Editor's Choices:
The Final Flight Plan * Randall Andrews
You learn something every day * John Reinhart
Hi! I am your Cortical Update! * Mahaila Smith
The Fight Within * Shelly Jones
The Loop * L. R. Conti
Waste * Soren James
Star*Line 46.2 cover


Star*Line 46.2: Spring 2023
Cover: Near Worlds Apart ~ Zara Kand

Editor's Choices:
First Engineering Job * John Reinhart
Up in the Air * Ian Willey
Last Act of Service * Gerri Leen
Our Quantum Detective Works Her Board * Robert Frazier
The Office Buildings We Must Maintain * Jason P. Burnham
Utopia * S. T. Eleu
Star*Line 46.1 cover


Star*Line 46.1: Winter 2023
Cover: When the Cracks Begin to Show ~ Austin Arthur Hart

Editor's Choices:
Rocket Women * Kayla Reifel
Raised by Mushrooms * Mary Soon Lee
Travelogue * Jean-Marie Romana
Antares * D. M. Crawford
In hope of sharing * Brian Hugenbruch
  spacer Volume 45: 2022
Star*Line 45.4 cover


Star*Line 45.4: Fall 2022
Cover: Untitled 8 ~ Adam Mars

Editor's Choices:
Robotic * Overcomer Ibiteye
Meatbag Writing Prompt * Jason P. Burnham
American as Atomic Pie * Pedro Iniguez
A Key for Every Lock * Gerri Leen
Chupa-Ku, Volume XX … * Juan M. Perez
Star*Line 45.3 cover


Star*Line 45.3: Summer 2022
Cover: Gate of the Gods with Bird of Paradise ~ I. Niemand Amalgamated

Editor's Choices:
The Epidemic of Shrink-Ray-Gun Violence … * Pedro Iniguez
Rhonda * Gerri Leen
The Comedown * Jennifer Crow
The Boatman Statue * Daniel Ausema
[flying forward in time] * Lauren McBride
Star*Line 45.2 cover


Star*Line 45.2: Spring 2022
Cover: Greetings ~ Barbara Candiotti

Editor's Choices:
All go somewhere * Richard Magahiz
In Other Months * Lora Gray
Eating Breakfast Pizza with an Allergy * Tony Daly
The Valley of Kings * Salik Shah
Poltergeist * Rhonda Parrish
Star*Line 45.1 cover


Star*Line 45.1: Winter 2022
Cover: Down the River ~ Dante Luiz

Editor's Choices:
The Fading of Yellow * Kim Whysall-Hammond
Utopian Cadenza * Mariel Herbert
We Smoke Pollution * Ai Jiang
Harold and the Blood-Red Crayon * Jennifer Crow
How Long Do Monsters Live? * Christina Sng
Atom-Scattered * Stewart C Baker
  spacer Volume 44: 2021
Star*Line 44.4 cover


Star*Line 44.4: Fall 2021
Cover: Alien Teens Also Get the Blues ~ Zara Kand

Editor's Choices:
The Things That Killed Us: A History through Art * Pedro Iniguez
[hibernation] * Karl Lykken
All Are Welcome * Christina Sng
What Bees Read * Mary Soon Lee
elites see elites * Herb Kauderer
Star*Line 44.3 cover


Star*Line 44.3: Summer 2021
Cover: The Guide ~ Austin Arthur Hart

Editor's Choices:
The Last Invader * Lee Clark Zumpe
The Ice Hunter * Jennifer Silvey
The Revenge of Henrietta Lacks * Cecilia Caballero
Damsel in Distress Redux * Marsheila Rockwell
Nursing A Home For The Grandfather Paradox * Soren James
Star*Line 44.2 cover


Star*Line 44.2: Spring 2021
Cover: Overview ~ Michal Kvác

Editor's Choices:
[under the bridge] * Greg Schwartz
Plans for Departure * Howie Good
Shortened * Daniel G. Fitch
Glitter * Jordan Hirsch
Wormhole * Nnadi Samuel
There Will Come Soft Rains * Deanie Vallone
[terrestrial furlough] * LeRoy Gorman
flight to nowhere * Davian Aw
Star*Line 44.1 cover


Star*Line 44.1: Winter 2021
Cover: River Pass ~ Michal Kvác

Editor's Choices:
Reasons to Leave the Path * Jacqueline West
What Aliens Read * Mary Soon Lee
[winter on old earth] * Herb Kauderer
Alpha/Beta/Centauri * Scott Wiggerman
Appropriate Language * Andy Dibble
mansplainer * Beth Cato
Civilization * Oluwatomiwa Ajeigbe
The Last Ones In * Holly Day
  spacer Volume 43: 2020
Star*Line 43.4 cover


Star*Line 43.4: Fall 2020
Cover: A forgotten allegory of souls (Hye-wo-mhye, Eban & Owuo Atwedee) ~ S. Ross Browne

Editor's Choices:
Little Red Wolf * Destine Carrington
Sweet Home, Sweet Home; or, Robert Johnson Speaks From the Grave * Woody Dismukes
Summer Time(lessness) * Linda D. Addison
an alien axiom * Gerald L. Coleman
Baits * Soonest Nathanial
A Tempest * Sheree Renée Thomas
Star*Line 43.3 cover


Star*Line 43.3: Summer 2020
Cover: Transit of Venus ~ Carrie Ann Baade

Editor's Choices:
She Rode a Gold Chariot with Lions into My Life * Isaac Black
Better Living Thru Alchemy * Don Raymond
demonwalk * Darius Williams
[new world landing] * Joshua Hiles
Museums of Earth * Mary Soon Lee
Grandpa’s Preserves * Gail Sosinsky
Where the End Lives * Joseph VanBuren
Bar Scene * John Reinhart
Star*Line 43.2 cover


Star*Line 43.2: Spring 2020
Cover: Jacob’s Ladder ~ David Ehlen

Editor's Choices:
Graves on Miranda • Deborah L. Davitt
Solar System Wake-up • Deborah P Kolodji
Time Travelers’ Convention Guide • Robert Borski
How to Advertise Titan • Mary Soon Lee
Obsessive-Compulsive Venusian Checks List of Surviving Earthlings • Ronald A. Busse
Star*Line 43.1 cover

Star*Line 43.1: Winter 2020
Cover: Eagle Wyrm ~ Calyn McLeod

Editor's Choices:
I, Robin, Being of Sound Mind • Robin Helweg-Larsen
Chronovisor Wanted • Robert Borski
mecha visits little tokyo • S. Qiouyi Lu
  spacer Volume 42: 2019
Star*Line 42.4 cover


Star*Line 42.4: Fall 2019
Cover: Horror from the Deep ~ Allen Koszowski

Editor's Choices:
The Scarecrow • Tara Campbell
Bride of Frankenstein: Our Lady of RageAndrea Blythe
Martian Red • Naomi Libicki
The Planets? Sweet… • Harris Coverley
The Nonpareils • Kathleen A. Lawrence
Go Bag • Marcie Lynn Tentchoff
Star*Line 42.3 cover


Star*Line 42.3: Summer 2019
Cover: Beach Party ~ Robert Frazier

Editor's Choices:
Buy Local • Matt Weber
Friggin’ Aliens • David C. Kopaska-Merkel
An Ideal Husband • David Barber
Heliobacterium daphnephilum • Rebecca Buchanan
Telchine • Jeff Crandall
Star*Line 42.2 cover


Star*Line 42.2: Spring 2019
Cover: Merkitty ~ Sarah Day

Editor's Choices:
The Laws of Robotics with Benefits • David C. Kopaska-Merkel
How to Call Proxima Centauri • Mary Soon Lee
The House that Goldilocks Built • Robert Borski
Sleepless™ • David Barber
[asylum seekers] • LeRoy Gorman
Star*Line 42.1 cover

Star*Line 42.1: Winter 2019
Cover: Night Stop ~ Robert Frazier

Editor's Choices:
New Year’s Resolutions • Mary Soon Lee
Giants in the Earth • Deborah L. Davitt
Blocked • Robert Borski
Self-Portrait as Pretty Monster • Jeannine Hall Gailey
Paprika Dust • D. A. Xiaolin Spires
  spacer Volume 41: 2018
Star*Line 41.4 cover


Star*Line 41.4: Fall 2018
Cover: Autumn Migration ~ F. J. Bergmann

Editor's Choices:
Advice Columnist Replies to Mrs. Frankensteinsmonstersbride • Sarah Brown Weitzman 
How to Be Invisible • Mary Soon Lee 
Misstep • David C. Kopaska-Merkel and Ann K. Schwader
Recent Excavations in Amerika • David Barber
A Terrible Meat-Eating God • Holly Lyn Walrath
Claimant • F. J. Bergmann 
[New from the Quantum Physics Book Club:] • Robert Borski
Star*Line 41.3 cover


Star*Line 41.3: Summer 2018
Cover:Punk Diesel Dystopia ~ Virgil Suiarez

Editor's Choices:
Vader Redux • Bruce Niedt
off-Off-Broadway • Brittany Hause
Fox Mulder Retires • Michael Kriesel
Pinocchio Plays the Cotton Club • Alan Ira Gordon
How to Repair Starships • Mary Soon Lee
On Lost Cultures—Report 197 A • Marcie Lynn Tentchoff
Star*Line 41.2 cover

Star*Line 41.2: Spring 2018
Cover: Strumming to Moon and Cloud ~ Likhain

Editor's Choices:
[spewing] • Roxanne Barbour
Widening Gyroscope • F. J. Bergmann
Wolf Moon • Susan McLean
Come Embrace Space • Lauren McBride
Illiteracy • Scott E. Green & Herb Kauderer
Shapeshifter Taxonomy • A. C. Spahn


Star*Line 41.1 cover
  Star*Line 41.1: Winter 2018
Cover: Galactic Poet ~ Akua Lezli Hope

Editor's Choices:
Tree of Swords • Deborah L. Davitt
The Seraph and the Six of Swords • Mindy Watson
Gilgamesh Tomb Found in Iraq • Michael Kriesel
Shovel • Sara Backer
Schrödinger Is Considered for Publication • David Barber
[writer by day] • LeRoy Gorman

  spacer Volume 40: 2017
Star*Line 40.4 cover

  Star*Line 40.4: Fall 2017
Cover: Raven in Eden ~ Anita Endrezze

Editor's Choices:
Vampirette * Kathleen A. Lawrence
Alien Dowry * Robert Borksi
Survivorship * F.J. Bergmann
Flowers for Asimov * William Shaw
For Preserves * Cassandra Rose Clarke

Star*Line 40.3 cover

  Star*Line 40.3: Summer 2017
Cover: Emerald Sun Set ~ Steven Vincent Johnson

Editor's Choices:
On Words that Cannot Be Pronounced * Robert Dawson
Final Metaphysical Exam * J. J. Steinfeld
I See the Same Trees * Bevin Moeller
Under the Plumed Serpent’s Temple * Ann K. Schwader
How to Invent Constellations * Todd Dillard
PTSD * Alicia Cole
Unseen mirror * Deborah L. Davitt
Star*Line 40.2 cover

  Star*Line 40.2: Spring 2017
Cover: Red Reign (detail) ~ Andy Walsh

Editor's Choices:
Parable * Michael Collins
Table of Contents from a Lost Book of Divination * Dean Kostos
starship troopers * Lee Garratt
Advice to a Six-Year-Old * Mary Soon Lee
True, It’s Not What You Think * Denise Dumars
Some Notes On The Locals * David Barber
The Talking River * John W. Sexton

Among the Tall in Long Black Clothes * Laura Madeline Wiseman

Star*Line 40.1 cover

  Star*Line 40.1: Winter 2017
Cover: Jörmundgandr ~ Joshua Chapman

Editor's Choices:
The Usual Muck * Magdalena Ball
Chemical Submission * Chris Galford
Wilderness 2050 * Mary Soon Lee
The Best Western on 107 Piscium E * Deborah L. Davitt
A Different Britain * Jenny Blackford
job interview * Davian Aw
  spacer Volume 39: 2016
Star*Line 39.4 cover

  Star*Line 39.4: Fall 2016
Cover: Communing with the Ancestors ~ Hasani Claxton

Editor's Choices:
Witching * David Clink
Morning during Migration Season * Beth Cato
Demon Lovers * Greer Woodward
Previous Plans for Escape * J. J. Steinfeld
Death Poem * C. J. Miles
Overheard in an Antarean Bar * Glenn A. Meisenheimer
A Robot’s History of Art * Lanette Cadle
Star*Line 39.3 cover

  Star*Line 39.3: Summer 2016
Cover: The Three Kingdoms ~ Steven Vincent Johnson

Editor's Choices:
Foreign Policy * David Barber
“science” * James D. Fuson
On the Condition * Michael Lisieski
“garage sale” * Christina Sng
Boots’s Boy * Adele Gardner
Where Birds in the Sky … * Laura Hanna
My Father’s Familiar * Marc Vincenz
Star*Line 39.2 cover

  Star*Line 39.2: Spring 2016
Cover: Moon ~ Craig Snodgrass

Editor's Choices:
The Day We Landed * David Barber
Londinium After Midnight * Denise Dumars
What Wants Us * Karolina Fedyk
“made of star stuff ” * Christina Sng
#greenlivesmatter * Joshua Gage
Lost Flight * John Philip Johnson
Galactic Democracy * Eric Burke
Star*Line 39.1 cover

  Star*Line 39.1: Winter 2016
Cover: Idyll ~ Ron Sanders

Editor's Choices:
Looking, Glass ~ Mary Cresswell
How to Fix a Flat on a Mantis EXO9 ~ Robert Frazier
The Advent of Machines ~ David Clink
To-Do List ~ David C. Kopaska-Merkel
Portents ~ Matthew Chamberlin
Book of the Dead ~ Alex Harwood
  spacer Volume 38: 2015
Star*Line 38.4 cover

  Star*Line 38.4: Fall 2015
Cover: Charon on the River Styx ~ M. Wayne Miller

Editor's Choices:
New Planet Landscape 12 * Ken Poyner
Make Believe * Zella Christensen
Overheard At The Timeport * David Barber
Ivory-Billed Ghosts * Gary Every
There Is No Why * Lynette Mejía
Star*Line 38.3 cover

  Star*Line 38.3: Summer 2015
Cover: Allegory ~ Piero di Cosimo c. 1500

Editor's Choices:
Etsy Keeps Her in Black Stockings … * Jennifer Schomburg Kanke
On the eve of the great danger * Jane Røken
It Came to Pass * Mark Mansfield
Sightings * Isaac Black
Rome Built (and Razed) in a Day * Robert Borski
Star*Line 38.2 cover

  Star*Line 38.2: Spring 2015
Cover: Nearby Words of Aporia ~ Aunia Kahn

Editor's Choices:
The Isn’t Bus * John W. Sexton
“Second star right …” * Aimee Leonard
So, Whimper? * David C. Kopaska-Merkel
Gas Crush * Samantha Renda-Dollman
Mothership * Bobbie Lovell
Star*Line 38.1 cover

  Star*Line 38.1: Winter 2015
Cover: Space Mariner ~ Kali Ciesemier

Editor's Choices:
A Spacer’s Heart • Glenn A. Meisenheimer
The Echo Devours the Echo ~ Marc Pietrzykowski
“we still don’t have the energy …” ~ David C. Kopaska-Merkel
Loophole ~ Beth Cato
Reasons Not to Bother a Dragon ~ Mary Soon Lee
Imperfect Storm ~ Robert Borski
How a Dog Saved Us from Zombies … ~ Angela Williamson Emmert
  spacer Volume 37: 2014
Star*Line 37.4 cover

  Star*Line 37.4: Fall 2014
Cover: King of the Blues ~ Lance Berka

Editor's Choices:
Bird, Dog ~ Isaac Black
When the First Ship Left ~ T.D. Walker
Operating Instructions for Mother’s Wardrobe ~ John W. Sexton
“fangs in a glass” ~ LeRoy Gorman
Star*Line 37.3 cover

  Star*Line 37.3: Fall 2014
Cover: Graf Zeppelin ~ Gregory Schulte

Editor's Choices:
On the Plane of Evasive Simulacra ~ Wade German
Stucco and Starshine ~ Jason Matthews
Tiny Studies (Particle 14) ~ Kathleen Balma
Before You Were a Vampire ~ irving
the custom of the country ~ Lynette Mejía
Star*Line 37.2 cover

  Star*Line 37.2: Spring 2014
Cover: Spring • Kelli Hoppmann

Editor's Choices:
Pauli Neutrino Telescope, Antarctica, July 14, 2033 • David Barber
Dark Constellations • Ann K. Schwader
In the City of Steam • John W. Sexton
Ferment • Jane Røken
Postcard to a Far-Distant Composer • Robert Frazier
Star*Line 37.1 cover

  Star*Line 37.1: Winter 2014
Cover: Elemental Dragon Hatchery • Hideyoshi

Editor's Choices:
My Unexpected Demons • Jocko Benoit
Leap • Grace Seybold
High Road • David C. Kopaska-Merkel
In the Uncanny Valley • Joan Wiese Johannes
  spacer Volume 36: 2013
Star*Line 36.4 cover

  Star*Line 36.4: Autumn 2013
Cover: hex vi • laAzathoth

Editor's Choices:
Waving the Starships Goodbye • David Barber
While on the evacuation shuttle • Terrie Leigh Relf
Beowulf at Breakfast • Christine Howey (mp3 2.6MB audio)
Interregnum • Mary Soon Lee
Star*Line 36.3cover

  Star*Line 36.3: Summer 2013
Cover: The Tower • Dina Djabieva

Editor's Choices:
“even if you want to be alive” • Simon Perchik
Intergalactic UPS • Jeffrey Johannes
Lost in Holographic Storage • Robert Frazier
The Road to Ozymandias • Mary Cresswell
Star*Line 36.2cover

  Star*Line 36.2: April 2013
Cover: Poetry • Ed Binkley

Editor's Choices:
Interpose: A Love Poem • Scott T. Hutchison
Oregon 2112 • Harvey J. Baine
After Oz • C. W. Johnson
Fungal Singularity • Holly Jensen
Star*Line 36.1 cover

  Star*Line 36.1: January 2013
Cover: Angel with Lyre • Kinuko Y. Craft

Editor's Choices:
The Captain Speaks • Leslie J. Anderson
“their language …” • Patrick Armstrong
Because You Are an Expert in Such Matters • Ron Czerwien
Twilight Aeronauts • Joshua Gage
why this weeping • ayaz daryl nielsen
    Volume 35: 2012
Star*Line 35.4 cover

  Star*Line 35.4: October 2012
Cover: Sleep Voyeur • Skinny Gaviar

Editor's Choices:
In This House of Sinners • Isaac Black
New Vaccine Slows Aging • Michael Kriesel
Wild Rat Prophecy • Chris Lynch
Since Breaking Through The Ice • Dominik Parisien
Star*Line 35.3 cover

  Star*Line 35.3: July–September 2012
Cover: Anni Senza Fine • Max Bertolini

Editor's Choices:
Crackling Octopus • Jessy Randall
Regrets Only • Jeanie Tomasko
Casting the Future • Serena Fusek
Et in Arcadia egoAlicia Cole
Lost in Space • Aaron DeLee
Star*Line 35.2 cover

  Star*Line 35.2: April–June 2012
Cover: Invasion • Franco Brambilla

Poetry Editor Marge Simon's Choices:
Where the White Thistle Grows • WC Roberts
Fall Of The Church of Ussher • Robert Borski
By Moonlight • David C. Kopaska-Merkel
Errant Water • Alexandra Seidel
Star*Line 35.1 cover


Star*Line 35.1: January–March 2012
Cover: Deep Winter • Kelli Hoppmann

Poetry Editor Marge Simon's Choices:
No One Wants to Run Through the Woods Naked Under a Full Moon Anymore • James S. Dorr
Persephone, Trapped • Adrienne J. Odasso
Their Quantum Toy • Jenny Blackford
  spacer Volume 34: 2011
Star*Line 34.4 cover

  Star*Line 34.4: October–December 2011

Guest Editor Elissa Malcohn's Choices:
The Physics of Age and Baseball • Greg Beatty
Ravel: An Etymology • Matthew Richards
Star*Line 34.3 cover

  Star*Line 34.3: July–September 2011

Editor's Choices:
The Stars Prevail • G. O. Clark
When the Music Stops • Marcie Lynn Tentchoff
Star*Line 34.2 cover

  Star*Line 34.2: April–June 2011

Editor's Choices:
Now We Are • Vin Miskell
The Dread: A Thermoelectric Duet • McArthur Gunter
Star*Line 34.1 cover

  Star*Line 34.1: January–March 2011

Editor's Choices:
First Person Singular • John Tumlin
Code of Ethics • F.J. Bergmann
Shards • W.C. Roberts
    Volume 33: 2010
Star*Line 33.5 cover

spacer Star*Line 33.5/6: September/December 2010

Editor's Choices:
The Cemetery • Kurt Newton
Twelve Quatrains Channeling Nostradamus • Bruce Boston

Guest Editor Robert Frazier's Choices:
First Generation • Meliors Simms
Ciliate Sestina • Elissa Malcohn
Star*Line 33.4 cover

  Star*Line 33.4: July/August 2010

Editor's Choices:
her lithe splendour • Mike Allen
Mooncalf • Wade German
Star*Line 33.3 cover

  Star*Line 33.3: May/June 2010

Editor's Choices:
Throwback • Emma K Osborne
At the Luxarium • Robert Borski
Star*Line 33.2 cover

  Star*Line 33.2: March/April 2010

Editor's Choices:
Gotham City • Charles Kasler
Origins • James S. Dorr
Star*Line 33.1 cover

  Star*Line 33.1: January/February 2010

Editor's Choices:
Sea Song • Marcie Lynn Tentchoff
True Night Aboard the Generation Ship • Robert Frazier
    Volume 32: 2009
Star*Line 32.6 cover

  Star*Line 32.6: November/December 2009

Guest Editor Bruce Boston's Choices:
Three Letters to the Prince of Falling Leaves • Rachel Manija Brown
Olam • Charlee Jacob
Star*Line 32.5 cover

  Star*Line 32.5: September/October 2009

Editor's Choices:
The Mummy Child • Elizabeth Barrette
The Month of October • Wendy Rathbone
Star*Line 32.4 cover

  Star*Line 32.4: July/August 2009

Editor's Choices:
(You Are Here) Multiverse • Gene Van Troyer
The Lecture of the Bees • Dennis Braden
Postcards from Mars • G. Sutton Breiding
Star*Line 32.3 cover

  Star*Line 32.3: May/June 2009

Editor's Choices:
Conspiracy 1999 • George Manuell
Necropolis Exit • Malcolm Deeley
Star*Line 32.2 cover

  Star*Line 32.2: March/April 2009

Editor's Choices:
The Vampire as Narcissist • Duane Ackerson
untitled tanka • Joshua Gage
Star*Line 32.1 cover

  Star*Line 32.1: January/February 2009

Guest Editor Bruce Boston's Choices:
Moonless • Ann K. Schwader
Sorry, Your Call Has Been Blocked • Duane Ackerson
Outward Through the Inner Worlds • Malcolm Deeley
    Volume 31: 2008
Star*Line 31.6 cover

  Star*Line 31.6: November/December 2008

Editor's Choices:
My People • Paul L. Bates
Our Wings • Kurt Kirchmeier
Star*Line 31.5 cover   Star*Line 31.5: September/October 2008

Editor's Choices:
Charlotte in Waiting • Ann K. Schwader
Sweeney Among the Straight Razors • JoSelle Vanderhooft

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