The 2023 Elgin Awards
Call for Book and Chapbook Nominations
Nominations open March 15. Deadline May 31

Books nominated so far.

2023 Elgin Chair: Morgan L. Ventura
Morgan Ventura photoMorgan L. Ventura is a speculative fiction writer, poet, and anthropologist based in Ireland. Ventura's poetry and translations have appeared or are forthcoming in Strange HorizonsCrow and Cross KeysAugur, and Eye to the Telescope, while their fiction and essays appear in Lackington'sGeist, and Best Canadian Essays 2021

2023 Elgin Award Nomination Rules and Procedures:
Please read carefully. If you have questions, please e-mail

  1. Only current members of SFPA may nominate; however, the author of the nominated book or chapbook need not be an SFPA member.

  2. Only books of speculative poetry first published during 2021 and 2022 are eligible. Books containing fiction as well as poetry are not eligible. More than half of the poems in the book must be unequivocally speculative as determined by Chair. Translations into English are eligible.

  3. You may not nominate your own books.

  4. You may nominate multiple chapbooks and/or full-length books. Chapbooks must contain 10–39 pages of poetry (or a minimum 300 lines or 2000 words, whichever is less); full-length books must contain 40 pages of poetry or more. For translations, pages of poems in the original language do not count toward the total.

  5. E-books and self-published books are eligible, as well as print. Books that won first–third place in the previous year's Elgin Awards are ineligible, but an eligible title may be nominated two years in a row. Nominations are not automatically carried over from year to year.

  6. To nominate, the book’s title, author, and press name and address (URL or postal) are required. Please also include poetry page count. If available, a link to the press and/or a page where the book can be purchased or downloaded should be provided.

    Authors or publishers may provide a .pdf of the book to facilitate reading for voting consideration. Nominated books must be made available to the Chair upon request to remain eligible.

  7. E-mail nominations to are preferred.

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