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Listings are for venues specifically receptive toward SF poetry.
Note that many if not most mainstream journals welcome speulative-themed work.

Speculative Market Lists
Duotrope's Digest duotrope.com
Paid subscription sortable database of current markets plus response times and statistics.
The Submission Grinder
Free submission tracker & markets database.
  Horror Tree
Horror/spec markets guide.
SF markets guide.

Paying Markets for SF Poetry
Abyss & Apex
Pays $5.50. Poems of any length.
Pays 6–8¢/word. Rarely accepts poetry.
Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine
Pays AUD$10. 1 poem at a time.
Apparition Lit
Pays $30 per poem.
Asimov's Science Fiction
Pays $1 per line. Poems up to 40 lines.
The Audient Void
Horror; $5 minimum.
Pays CAD$60 per poem.
Pays $15 for poems.
Breakroom Stories
Weird, audio only, $10 per piece.
Chrome Baby
Pays $5/bairn.
Constraint 280
Pays $2.80 for ≤ 280 characters.
Corvid Queen
Pays $5/poem.
Cosmic Roots and Eldritch Shores
Variable rate.
The Deadlands
$25–$100 per poem.
Dreams and Nightmares
Pays $12. Poems up to two single-spaced pages.
Enchanted Conversation
Pays $10 per poem.
Eternal Haunted Summer
Pays $5. Mythic and Pagan only.
Fantasy & Science Fiction
8–12¢ per word.
Fantasy Magazine
Pays $40.
Pays $50. By and about Black people.
Frozen Wavelets
Pays $1 per line; 10 lines max.
The Future Fire
Pays $10 per poem.
LGBTQ podcast; pays $10 per poem.
Heroic Fantasy Quarterly
Pays $25. Editor David Farney says, "We prefer the longer stuff."
$5 per poem.
The House of Zolo's Journal of Speculative Literature
Pays 2¢/word for new poems, 1¢/word for reprints. ≤ 100 lines.
The Journal of Compressed Creative Arts
Pays $50 for triptychs.
Closed until 2021.
Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet
Postal subs only, $5 per poem.
Leading Edge
Pays $5–$20 per poem.
Pays $10 for poems.
Liquid Imagination
Pays $8 for poems, +$2 via PayPal.
Royalty payment.
The Magazine of Speculative Poetry
Pays 3¢ per word, $7 minimum, $25 maximum. Poems up to three pages.
Midnight Echo
Pays $20; Australasian writers only.
Mirror Dance
Fantasy poems; pays $5.
Neo-opsis Science Fiction Magazine
Pays 2.5¢ per word to a maximum of C$125. No length limit specified.
New Myths
Pays min. $30/poem. No length limit.
Night to Dawn
$2.50 per poem.
NonBinary Review
$10 per poem. Themed.
Not One of Us
Pays $5 per poem. 40 lines or fewer.
Pays $1 per line. 8 lines or fewer.
On Spec
Pays C$50. Poems of 4–100 lines.
Outlook Springs
Pays $10. "tinged with the strange"
Pays $6 per poem.
Pays $10 per poem.
The Periodical, Forlorn
Pays $15 per poem.
Polar Borealis/Polar Starlight
Canadian authors only; pays $10 per poem.
Polu Texni
Pays $20 per poem.
Pulp Literature
Poetry $25–$50.
Pays $20/page for poems.
Riddled with Arrows
Metafiction, ars poetica, and writing about writing only; pays $5–$25 per poem.
Science Fictionery
Poetry £25–£30.
Pays $1–2, $10 for featured poet. Scifaiku, haibun, senryu, and tanka only.
Silver Blade
$10 per poem.
Space & Time
Pays $5 per poem.
Speculative City
Pays $20+. Themed.
Pays 3¢/word rounded to next dollar, minimum $3, max. $25.
Strange Horizons
Pays $40. Prefers poems under 100 lines.
Through the Gate
Pays $20/poem
Timeless Tales
fairy tale and myth retellings; $20.
Twisted Moon
Pays $10/poem. Erotic speculative poetry.
Pays $30/poem. No line limit.
Utopia Science Fiction
$2 short, $10 long.
Vulture Bones
Non-cisgender only; min. $5
The Weird and Whatnot
5¢ per 1K words.
Wild Musette
Pays $15 per poem. Music, fantasy.

Non-Paying Markets for Speculative Poetry
AHF Magazine
Altered Reality
Astral Waters Review
Atlantean Publishing
Various ’zines.
Bewildering Stories
Black Petals
Bowery Gothic
The Chamber Magazine
The Dark Sire
Eldritch Lake
Eldritch Science
National Fantasy Fan Federation fanzine; .rtf preferred to Editor, George Phillies: phillies@4liberty.net
Enchanted Living Magazine
The Fabulist
Fairy Tale Review
Farther Stars than These
The Flying Saucer Poetry Review
Poetry & art about UFOs.
Gingerbread House
The Horror Zine
Independent Variable
Science poetry.
Jersey Devil Press
Lucent Dreaming
Luna Luna
Magic, witchcraft, and ritual.
Moon Park Review
Prose poems only.
New American Legends
Priestess & Hierophant
LGBTQ writers only.
Rune Bear
Sage Woman
Mythic, pagan only. Themed.
The Sirens Call
Shoreline of Infinity
The Space Cadet Science Fiction Review
Spectral Realms
Print; weird poetry. Submit to editor at stjoshi45@hotmail.com
Speculative 66
66 words not including title.
NZ, Pacific, Australian writers only.
The Starlight SciFaiku Review
Scifaiku & minimalist b+w line art.
50 lines max. Suitable for 13–17.
Sub-saharan Magazine
Poems ≤40 lines; "dark, speculative, and humorous."
Tales from the Moonlit Path
Gothic poetry

Fee-to-Submit Markets for Speculative Poetry
The Pedestal Magazine
Pays $50. $3 submissions fee. Poems of any length.
Phantom Drift
$5 per page; $3 submissions fee.

Speculative Poetry Presses
Aqueduct Press
Cemetery Dance Publications
Creative Guy Publishing
Dark Regions Press
Dastardly Books
Gromagon Press
Hippocampus Press
Interstellar Flight Press
Mayapple Press
$10 reading fee.
A Midsummer Night's Press
NightBallet Press
Nomadic Delirium Press
P’rea Press
Priestess & Hierophant Press
Raw Dog Screaming Press
Upper Rubber Boot Books
Vraeyda Literary
Weird House Press

Market information compiled on behalf of SFPA. Send updates and additions to sfpaweb@sfpoetry.com.
Please refer directly to each market's complete guidelines before submitting.

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