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Listings are for venues specifically receptive toward SF poetry.
Note that many if not most mainstream journals welcome speulative-themed work.

SF Market Lists

Duotrope's Digest duotrope.com
Paid subscription sortable database of current markets plus response times and statistics.

SF markets guide.

Paying Markets for SF Poetry

Abandoned Towers
Pays $5 per poem for print; no payment for online.
Abyss & Apex
Pays $5. Poems of any length.
Ad Astra
Pays selected contributors $20 minimum.
AMAZE: The Cinquain Journal
Pays $1. Cinquains, cinquain cycles, etc.
Pays 6–8¢/word. Rarely accepts poetry.
Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine
Pays A$10. Poems up to two pages.
Aoife's Kiss
Pays $5 for new poems, less for reprints or short forms. Poems up to 100 lines.
Apex Magazine
Pays 25¢ per line or $5 per poem, whichever is greater.
Asimov's Science Fiction
Pays $1 per line. Poems up to 40 lines.
Pays $5. Poems of any length. CURRENTLY CLOSED.
Bête Noire
$10 US flat for each accepted work plus a PDF version of the issue.
Beyond Centauri
$2 for new poems, $1 reprints. Poems up to 50 lines ("loose maximum"). For children 10+.
Big Pulp
Pays $5 per poem. Submit up to 3 poems, 50 lines total.
$4/poem, $2 reprints. Vampire/werewolf/shapeshifter.
Bull Spec
$5 minimum for new poems; $1 minimum for reprints.
Cast Macabre
£5 maximum.
Pays $10. Poems up to 50 lines "are infinitely preferred."
Cover of Darkness
Poems up to 100 lines. $4.00 for original poems, $2.00 for reprints.
Dark Metre
Pays £2.50; accepts reprints.
Disturbed Digest
$4/poem, $2 reprints. 12–100 lines, dark fantasy/horror.
Dreams and Nightmares
Pays $12. Poems up to two single-spaced pages.
Electric Velocipede
Enchanted Conversation
$25 Amazon certificate. Must be a follower.
2 cents per word for original poems [min. $3]. 1 cent per word for reprints. $1.00 for scifaiku and related forms. Featured poets will be paid a flat $15.
Eternal Haunted Summer
Pays $5. Mythic and Pagan only.
Fantastique Unfettered
DEAD; may publish annual antho.
The Fifth Di ...
Pays $5. No length limit specified.
FrostFire Worlds
$3/poem, $2 reprints. Poems for younger readers, 12–100 lines.
The Gloaming
Pays $5 CDN per poem. 3-page limit. CURRENTLY CLOSED.
Goblin Fruit
Pays $5 for new poems, $2.50 for solicited reprints. No length limit specified.
Greatest Uncommon Denominator
$50 per poem. CURRENTLY CLOSED.
Heroic Fantasy Quarterly
Pays $25. Editor David Farney says, "We prefer the longer stuff."
Hungur Magazine
Pays $4; $2 for reprints. Poems up to 100 lines.
Pays $6. "Just don’t send epic-length sagas that run to pages and pages."
Pays 2¢/word for new poems, 1¢/word for reprints. Prefers no longer than 100 lines.
$3 per poem, 10 lines or less.
Interfictions: A Journal of Interstitial Arts
Genre-crossing and experimental poetry. $20/poem.
Typically pays $5 per piece.
Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet
"We do not pay much."
Lakeside Circus
1¢/word, min. $10.
Leading Edge
$10 for poems. 4–6 months response time.
Liquid Imagination
$8 for poems, +$2 via PayPal.
Lisette's Tales of the Imagination
$4 per poem; submit online.
The Journal of Southeast Asian Speculative Fiction. $10 SGD per poem.
Lorelei Signal
Pays $2. No length limit specified.
The Magazine of Speculative Poetry
Pays 3¢ per word, $7 minimum, $25 maximum. Poems up to three pages.
The Martian Wave
Pays $5. Poems must revolve around the colonization and exploration of space.
Mythic Delirium
Pays $5. No length limit specified.
Neo-opsis Science Fiction Magazine
Pays 2.5¢ per word to a maximum of C$125. No length limit specified.
New Fables
$20 per poem. “… use anthropomorphic animal characters to tell basic human stories.”
New Myths
Pays $20 per poem. No length specified.
Pays $5 per poem plus ad-free PDF of issue.
Not One of Us
Pays $5 per poem. Prefers 40 lines or less.
On Spec
Pays C$50. Poems of 4–100 lines.
Outposts of Beyond
$4/poem, $2 reprints. Poems 12–100 lines.
Paper Crow
$5 minimum per poem.
$3 per poem, 1-100 lines.
The Pedestal Magazine
Pays $40. Poems of any length.
Polu Texni
Pays $20 per poem.
Quantum Realities
Min $5. Poems on a case-by-case basis.
Scheherezade's Bequest
Pays $1–2, $10 for featured poet. Scifaiku, haibun, senryu, and tanka only.
Shock Totem
5¢ per word.
Silver Blade
$5 per poem.
Songs of Eretz
Pays $7 per poem; $2 reprints.
Sorcerous Signals
Pays $2 per poem. No length limit specified.
Sounds of the Night
Pays $4 for new poems, $2 for reprints. Prefers poems under 100 lines.
Space and Time
$5 per poem.
Space Westerns
10 lines or less: $1; 11 to 50 lines: $2; over 50 lines: 4¢/line.
3¢/word rounded to next dollar, minimum $3.
Stone Telling
$5 per poem; $20 for over 120 lines.
Strange Horizons
Pays $20. Prefers poems under 100 lines.
Strong Verse
Pays $10. Poems of any length. WARNING: rarely responds.
Sybil's Garage
Pays $15. 50 lines or fewer. CURRENTLY CLOSED.
Tales of the Talisman
Pays $4 per poem. Poems up to 50 lines. Reading periods begin January 1 and July 1.
Tales of the Unanticipated
Open through 3/31/14.
Through the Gate
Pays $5.
Trysts of Fate
$4/poem, $2 reprints. Paranormal romance
Weird Tales

Non-Paying Markets for SF Poetry

Atlantean Publishing
Various ’zines.
Bewildering Stories
Black Petals
Cemetery Moon
Collective Fallout
Devilfish Review
Fairy Tale Review
Farther Stars than These

Subscribers only may submit.

Fever Dreams
Focus: martin@martinmcgrath.net
Published by the British Science Fiction Association.
The Golden Key
Indigo Rising (UK)
International Speculative Fiction
Midnight Screaming
Mirror Dance
Themed issues.
Modern Day Fairytales
Mystic Nebula
Themed issues.
New Fairy Tales
Pavor Nocturnus
Planet Magazine
Silver Ship
The Speculative Edge
Static Movement
Twisted Tongue
Universe Magazine
Unspoken Water
Veil: Journal of Darker Musings
Versus Literary Journal

SF Poetry Presses

Cemetery Dance Publications
Creative Guy Publishing
Dark Regions Press
Dastardly Books
Gromagon Press
Hilltop Press
Mayapple Press
$10 reading fee.
Night Shade Books
Nomadic Delirium Press
P’rea Press
Raven Electrick Ink
Sam's Dot Publishing
Upper Rubber Boot Books
vanZeno Press

Other Market Resources

Green Genre Poetry

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Please refer directly to each market's complete guidelines before submitting.

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