Volume 37, Issue 2
Spring 2014

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Cover: Spring
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Worms & Wormholes
Springtime, Somewhere

Although we are well past the vernal equinox, it snowed yesterday here (Wisconsin). Single-digit °Fahrenheit this very morn. Happy Fimbulwinter! In an alternate universe, we would already have planted peas, spinach, and arugula. Nonetheless, there are wingéd creatures out on the sodden disaster masquerading as a lawn.

Once again, the SFPA awards season is upon us, and therefore we have prodded other publications and presses to advertise herein, not only that our readership may be made aware of the vast and splendiferous gamut of other publishers in the genre, but also that our contributor payments (to say nothing of the cost of printing our lovely color covers) may be supported.

You, too, Reader, can help with this momentous effort: be sure to keep your SFPA membership or subscription current! Recommend Star*Line to your friends. Purchase extra copies as gifts. If media offerings are anything to go by, speculative works are more popular than ever. What we offer in these pages will be welcomed with open arms—or tentacles, as the case may be.

Unscheduled snow, actual snow
the random weather that proves
the inversion of the magic/science ratio.

      —Raymond McDaniel, “Snow Falls on Alternate Metropolis”

Spring is coming
(with apologies to George R.R. Martin).

— F.J. Bergmann
Star*Line Editor

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Table of Contents


  • Wyrms & Wormholes • F.J. Bergmann
  • President’s Message • David C. Kopaska-Merkel
  • From the Small Press • Joshua Gage, John Philip Johnson, David C. Kopaska-Merkel, Alex Plummer Full reviews
  • Stealth SF: Chasing Away Ghosts at Lunch Break • Denise Dumars
  • Xenopoetry • Fedor Svarovsky & Alex Cigale


  • Beyond the Fencerow • Jeffrey Johannes
  • The Square Root of Doppelgängers • Robert Borski
  • “no up down …” • LeRoy Gorman
  • Crystal Hope • Karl Culley
  • “walking the spaceport” • Ross Balcom
  • You Can Never Go Back • James S. Dorr
  • “trinket Earth” • Anna Sykora
  • Courtship • Ken Poyner
  • “gravity off ” • Joshua Gage
  • dragon slayer • Lynette Mejía
  • The Spaces Between • Michelle Muenzler
  • Enceladus Colony • semi
  • Package Disclaimers • Robert & Phoebe Frazier
  • Shipbreak • Jane Røken
  • To His Coy Dalek / How to Reconcile • Russell Jones
  • Pauli Neutrino Telescope, Antarctica, July 14, 2033 • David Barber
  • “behind a horizon” • Dietmar Tauchner
  • “Human-alien translator broken” • Matthew Wilson
  • I Married the Creature from the Black Lagoon • Robert Borski
  • Uninteresting Times • Joe Nicholas
  • She Loves You, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah … • Alan Ira Gordon
  • Cyborg • Jonel Abellanosa
  • “Villa of Perpetual Youth” • Lauren McBride
  • The Last Etymologist • Jocko Benoit
  • Zombies Never Say • J. P. Brown
  • Lockstep • Neal Wilgus
  • “it’s recycling day” • William Cullen, Jr.
  • “the perfect cover” • Julie Bloss Kelsey
  • x-ray image • Deborah P Kolodji
  • Interference Patterns • Joanne Merriam & Kendall Evans
  • SETI 3000 • David Barber
  • Flower Parts • John C. Mannone
  • For the Trees • David C. Kopaska-Merkel
  • Numbers • Mary Soon Lee
  • Dark Constellations • Ann K. Schwader
  • City: a figment, a fragment • Jane Røken
  • In the City of Steam • John W. Sexton
  • Ferment • Jane Røken
  • The World of Eternal Day • Joe Nicholas
  • Visitors • Kenny A. Chaffin
  • King Midas Seeks to Lift His Curse • Robert Borski
  • “boarding the time-travel train” • LeRoy Gorman
  • Relativistic Time • Glenn A. Meisenheimer
  • “for sale: time machine” • Matthew Wilson
  • Why Sci-Fi? • Glenn A. Meisenheimer
  • “time-travel special” • LeRoy Gorman
  • Authentic Mother Version 2.6 • Beth Cato
  • A Fairy Tale • David C. Kopaska-Merkel
  • “first holiday meal” • Julie Bloss Kelsey
  • “for sale: one dragon egg” • Matthew Wilson
  • After the War • Matthew Wilson
  • 3 Explanations for Footwear Dangling from Powerlines • Robert Borski
  • Unanimous • Beth Cato
  • Postcard to a Far-Distant Composer • Robert Frazier
  • Poe’s Prophets • Adele Gardner
  • “for sale: adult human” • Matthew Wilson


  • Reflections • Richard H. Fay
  • Dracopterix Pursues Quad Fliers • Richard H. Fay
  • Kira’s Mask • Chris Fradkin

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